The Object 01

“This large textile object has its very own materiality full of solidity and airiness. Strips of grounded painting canvas have been folded into squares and colorfully painted on one side. One end of each of these ‘packages’ is attached to a woven framework, making them almost seem to stand alone. The two different white colors on the edges, the play of shadows and light of the neighboring elements and the dynamism of their arrangement result in a differentiated serial composition which contains an additional charm due to its sparse colorfulness. The clouds of gray threads on the edge create a contrast to the formal order of the piece.”
(Prof. Dr. Thomas Raff)


Year: 2011
Category: installation
Materials: painted canvas, hemp-string
Dimensions: 180 × 180 × 5 cm
Technique: artist-developed weaving technique
› Lajos Kozma Crafts and Design Grant, Hungary
› Honorable mention, BKV Award Munich, 2012

States of mind | group
Szentbékkálla, Pegazus
Design Affair | group
Nádor Gallery, Pécs
EXIT | duo
Apol Temesi & Tünde Újszászi
Fise Gallery, Budapest
Handwerk & Design | group
Internationale Handwerksmesse IHM, Munich
BKV Award | group
Galerie für Angewandte Kunst, Munich
MoholyKozma Grant Holders | group
Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest