Sphere series: V01

Sphere series: V01
Sphere series: V01
Sphere series: V01

I feel the rawness, the power of the objects standing in a dark, dimly lit space. The object itself is woven with light-reflecting ribbons, providing different visual experiences from both sides. The reflective effect is visible only from a specific angle, therefore it requires activity and involvement from the viewer. 

Details - Sphere series: V01

Category Installations
Year 2017
Photographed by Hoen Vald
Dimensions 150 x 287 cm; unique piece
Materials light-reflecting ribbons, woven

OBJECTS / solo

Galerie Pugliese Levi, Berlin 

15/02 - 10/04/2019

FISE 35 / group

Bartók32 Gallery, Budapest

13/09 - 09/10/2017