Topics that I am thoroughly exploring in my oeuvre are predominantly the illusion of permanence and the ever-changing nature of all our surrounding, which I examine through  large-scale, woven installations and through series of paintings as well. These works also appear as subject matters of short films and video installations that were created in cooperation with a visual artist Ákos Rajnai.

My latest series are woven installations made of fluorescent stripes creating different visual experiences when seen from different angles. My primary motivation as an artist working with textile is the material itself and the endless possibilities it beholds. I am inspired by its forms and how they occupy the space. The sensitive surface is only seemingly static, but in reality it is living, it reacts directly to different light effects and movement. The reflective effect is only visible from a specific angle, therefore it requires activity and involvement from the viewer, or the whole setting surrounding the installation. This effect is further amplified in a dark, dimly lit space, where the rawness and the power of the object floats to the surface. I am planning to pair these works with soft, monotonous sounds that rhyme to the visual experience they present.