Topics that I am thoroughly exploring in my oeuvre are predominantly the illusion of permanence and the ever-changing nature of all our surrounding, which I examine through the large-scale, woven paper objects, site-specific installations and lately through painting series as well. These works also appear as subject matters of short films and video installations that were created in cooperation with a visual artist Ákos Rajnai.

In my latest artworks I am exploring the color black, as a quality and density, I am exploring its very essence and possibilities that this color beholds. In this series I use different shades and depths of black that is given by the use of different materials throughout the creative process. The color black, which is oftentimes related to something secretive, or hidden creates the illusion of mystery in these works. Another layer of this color is the sophistication and most importantly the void. This tension and unstableness is represented in these meditative works, that raise questions of our existence.